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How to Watch Hulu in Thailand [Tested VPN Guide [May 2023]


Is Hulu available in Thailand? No, Hulu is not available in Thailand but you can still watch Hulu in Thailand with a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN

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Is Hulu available in Thailand? No, Hulu is not available in Thailand as it is geo-blocked outside the USA. However, if you use a premium VPN, you can bypass the geo-blocking and stream it in Thailand seamlessly. We recommend ExpressVPN.

Can I watch Hulu in Thailand? No, you can not watch Hulu in Thailand as Hulu is a highly protected streaming site from the USA. Unless you use a VPN like ExpressVPN, you will not be able to stream the titles of Hulu in Thailand.

The OTT streaming site is majorly popular for its unique and extensive library of movies and shows. The platform is owned by Walt Disney. The VOD service of Hulu gives serious competition to streaming giants like Netflix and Disney Plus. Pooling in captivating content is exactly what Hulu’s service is about.

To name a few popular and renowned shows that Hulu is streaming, we have got globally appreciated for the storyline, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Kardashians, Harlot, Schitt’s Creek, and more.

Wondering how to use Hulu in Thailand? Worry not. We have got your back. Follow our easy guide to configure a VPN and binge Hulu From Anywhere. All you have to do is change your Thai IP to one from the US.

Let us show you how to use one of our top 5 picks for the best VPN to unlock Hulu from anywhere. However, our major recommendation is that you get the premium and top-notch services of ExpressVPN to start streaming without running into any lags.

How to Watch Hulu in Thailand? [5 Quick Steps May 2023]

Follow these steps to trick the Hulu location and start binging Hulu in Thailand seamlessly.

  1. Register yourself with a premium VPN. We vouch for ExpressVPN’s incredible encryption and security services.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your streaming device.
  3. Log in with your credentials and set up the VPN app.
  4. Now, connect to a server in the US.
  5. Navigate and open and start streaming Hulu in Thailand.

Why do you Need a VPN to Watch Hulu in Thailand?

Can you get Hulu in Thailand? No, sadly. You can not get Hulu in Thailand. Hulu is an OTT streaming site from the US. The website is greatly known for its Hulu original shows and the extensive library of movies it hosts. As of now, Hulu is available in 2 countries — USA and Japan. If you access Hulu in Thailand, you will be redirected to this error notification.


If you use an IP address other than the US, you will face this error notification. Hulu has a strong firewall encrypted to their website. This firewall reads and determines user location before they grant you access.

If you try to access using an IP from Thailand, you will be denied entry. This is where a VPN comes in. A good quality VPN such as ExpressVPN will conceal your foreign IP address when you connect to a US server. You will then be given an IP address from the US.

Voila, you can now use this US-IP address and surmount the geo-restrictions of Hulu in Thailand and stream all your favorite shows and movies from the Hulu exclusive library.

Top 5 VPNs to Unblock Hulu in Thailand [Quick Overview May 2023

To stream Hulu in Thailand you will need to configure your streaming device with one of these VPNs. Take a look at our top recommendations for the best VPNs.

  1. ExpressVPN: The most hyper-secure VPN to enjoy and watch Hulu in Thailand. Offering 3000+ servers globally and 25+ optimized servers in the US. The ExpressVPN annual subscription will cost $6.67/month. Avail of free access for 3 months and an all-risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.
  2. CyberGhost: This VPN has the most extensive server network with more than 7000 servers in more than 90 countries and costs $2.18/month for the 3-year subscription. Offering the protection of simultaneous 7 devices, CyberGhost is compatible with all major streaming devices
  3. Surfshark: It is the most inexpensive VPN service to use when streaming Hulu in Thailand. The VPN comes at a very affordable price of $2.05/month with 3200+ servers across the globe and 600+ optimized US servers for the Hulu location trick.
  4. NordVPN: It is an authentic VPN to watch and stream Hulu in Thailand. With more than 5500 global servers and 1970+ optimized US servers to get around Hulu’s geo-locking. A NordVPN subscription will cost you $3.69/per month. Furthermore, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  5. AtlasVPN: It is the safest VPN to stream Hulu in Thailand with more than 750 servers across the globe. AtlasVPN has the highest security protocols such as WireGuard, Split tunneling, and SafeBrowse. You can buy AtlasVPN’s 3-year subscription for $1.99 per month.

5 Best VPNs to watch Hulu in Thailand [Detailed Analysis May 2023]]

Here is a detailed overview of the best VPN we suggest you choose when trying to stream Hulu in Thailand.

ExpressVPN – A Highly Suggested VPN to Watch Hulu in Thailand

The most robust and fast streaming VPN in the market, ExpressVPN is a leading VPN brand amongst streamers who want to access Hulu in Thailand. Subscribe and enjoy the best and most seamless binging experience.

The VPN service is known for strongly encrypting and concealing your original IP and online activity. Allowing you to avail several benefits from this feature including strong privacy, masking from prying eyes, and accessing blocked content. Additionally, you can browse and enjoy surfing the internet anonymously.

ExpressVPN has 25 highly optimized servers located in the major cities of the USA including Los Angeles, Tampa, Atlanta, New York, and Chicago. When you purchase the premium service of ExpressVPN, you can avail of a huge discount on the annual subscription for $6.67 along with a 3-month free trial.

The VPN provides protection against data leakage by allowing you to stream Hulu in Thailand with IP leaks safely. Providing an easy-to-configure Smart DNS that is also compatible with all streaming devices like iOS, Android, Roku, Kodi, Playstation, and more.

Allowing you unlimited server switches, top-quality customer care, and a guaranteed 30-day refund policy, so you have nothing to worry about. With an uptime of 99.9, the VPN has a server spread throughout a large network in multiple countries around the globe. This network allows you to connect to the server closest to your location to ensure high-speed surfing.

By using military-grade encryption, ExpressVPN keeps your online activity and privacy secured against cyber theft and hacking. When you choose ExpressVPN, you can connect to 5 devices simultaneously. ExpressVPN has been tested by us to bypass the geo-locking of Hulu and it proved to be the ace.

CyberGhost – The Most Trustworthy VPN to Watch Hulu in Thailand

CyberGhost is encrypted to protect your online activity and provide you with the most secure connection when streaming Hulu in Thailand. Carrying features like online security, internet freedom, and being able to access geo-restrictions of sites like Hulu, CyberGhost proved to be one of the most trustworthy VPNs.

CyberGhost offers its users a vast range of servers in the US thus allowing and ensuring an impressive streaming experience. With 7000 servers in 91 countries, Cyberghost has a widespread network with a built-in speed tester to determine your speed on the chosen server.

With an easy-to-use interface and being customer-friendly, Cyberghost also has a dedicated 24/7 CSR team on standby for all professional needs. Guaranteeing security for 7 devices against Malicious threats ensures your data is kept as secure and private as possible. Therefore CyberGhost also offers unlimited bandwidth and WireGuard protocol to mask your IP effectively. Along with using Split-tunneling, as privacy is their top priority.

The auto-kill switch is a personal safeguard for your personal data in case of any data leaks. With a 3-year subscription for $2.18/month, it also offers risk-free returns within 45 days.

Surfshark – The Most Pocket-Friendly VPN to Watch Hulu in Thailand

The most pocket-friendly VPN in the market, Surshark has the best security protocol. Offering the best introductory deals in the market all the while ensuring the best value too. A 2-year subscription to Surfshark will cost you $2.21/per month. Isn’t this a steal deal?

The robust VPN is known to be highly proficient when tricking the Hulu location and accessing the streaming platform. The high-grade encryption guarantees a protected internet connection and keeps you and your online activity safe from online tracking. Surfshark has a wide range of networks and servers that you can choose from. With 3200+ fast servers in 65+ countries.

The VPN is compatible with all common streaming devices including smartphones, tablets, routers, and more. Having been able to stream it on all your devices, the VPN service has a live chat option and 24/7 customer support so you can get in touch for all your problems.

Allowing you simultaneous connections for the best streaming experience on multiple devices. Using an IP stack, Surfshark makes sure that there are no IP leaks as they also offer private DNS.

A unique NoBorder feature lets you use Surfshark from everywhere in the world so you can Watch Hulu Anywhere. Safeguard your digital identity with Surfshark now.

NordVPN – The Largest VPN Service to Watch Hulu in Thailand

Your connection is encrypted by NordVPN, protecting your data transmission. Even if you unintentionally browse a bugged website, the VPN app will protect your data thanks to its Threat Protection function, which blocks malware, advertisements, and trackers. Thus ensuring the best of Protection against all threats.

With minimal speed loss, when you use NordVPN it safeguards your internet connection from throttling and threats. NordVPN makes sure your ISP doesn’t slow you down, so they keep your data private by concealing it.

NordVPN supports multiple wide-range streaming devices like Smartphones, TV, Gaming consoles, Tablets, Routers, and more. With the most professional and standby customer care support which is just a chat away from resolving all your VPN problems, NordVPN is a good deal.

Providing you easy and speedy access to all American platforms by having 5300+ safe and secure servers along with obfuscated servers spread across 59 countries. NordVPN abides by strict no-log policies and prioritizes your privacy at the very top of their list.

If you wish to purchase the excellent VPN services of NordVPN, you can get them at $3.71/month, bi-annually. Additionally, you can connect to 6 devices with NordVPN because it offers Double Protection to change your IP twice and maximize data protection.

AtlasVPN – The Most Reliable VPN to Watch Hulu in Thailand

AtlasVPN is the most reliable and economical VPN service around. Ensuring a premium experience of streaming when you connect to one of its 750+ servers available in 39 countries.

When browsing the internet, AtlasVPN ensures none of your online information is leaked because of its advanced data breach monitor. The budget-friendly VPN service only comes with the price of $1.99/month.

If you want to access the internet by using various servers, the safe swap servers of AtlasVPN ensure you can do so in a single time, while blistering your anonymity online. You can surf the internet without borders or restrictions as AtlasVPN makes sure you face no threats when bypassing the geo-location.

When bridging the gap of the internet world, we suggest you employ the best of WireGuard security for seamless and buffer-free streaming of Hulu in Thailand. AtlasVPN can mask your IP efficiently and allow you to bypass the firewall of Hulu.

AtlasVPN has SafeBrowse Protocol which blocks third-party trackers from acquiring your personal and sensitive information or taming it.

The 30 Day money-back claim and the best security feature prevent IP/DNS leaks, like MultiHop+, Solid no-logs-policy, Network kill switch, SHA-384, and PFS ingredients.

How Can I Sign Up for Hulu in Thailand [Updated May 2023]

To start watching Hulu in Thailand, you will first need a VPN and then sign up for the streaming service.

  1. First, sign up with a VPN. We suggest you choose the premium services of ExpressVPN to unblock Hulu.
  2. Now, download and install the app on your device.
  3. Log in and launch the app. Then connect to one of the servers in the US.
  4. Access the official website of Hulu.
  5. Click on the Sign up for Hulu button.
  6. Register for a new account by following the instructions.
  7. Enter your contact information.
  8. Choose a subscription plan from the list of options offered.
  9. Enter your billing information (use a US zip code) and mode of payment.
  10. Complete the registration procedure.
  11. Watch your preferred shows and movies on Hulu in Thailand.

How Much are Hulu Subscription Plans

The following is the price list for Hulu plans per month.

  • Hulu Basic (Ad-Supported) ฿ 296.04/Month
  • Hulu Premium (Ad-free) ฿ 504.69/Month
  • Hulu + Live TV (Ad-Supported) ฿ 2356.39/Month
  • Hulu + Live TV (Ad-free) ฿ 2524.74/Month

Let’s take a look at the details of the Hulu Packages and what they offer:

Hulu Basic (Ad Supported)

  • You can create and use up to 6 profiles.
  • Access the Hulu library.
  • Access Hulu originals and exclusives.
  • Stream on 2 simultaneous devices.

Hulu Premium (Ad Free)

  • Access to premium content.
  • Stream on two screens at a time.
  • High compatibility with all streaming devices.
  • Create 6 profiles.
  • No ad interruption.

Hulu + Live TV (Ad Supported)

  • Access 65+ channels.
  • Record 50 hours on Live TV on DVR cloud storage.
  • 7-day free trial.
  • Create 6 profiles.
  • Enjoy channels like Disney Plus and ESPN+ with additional charges.

Hulu + Live TV (Ad Free)

  • Access to 65+ channels.
  • No Ad interruption while streaming.
  • Create up to 6 profiles.
  • Free Subscription to Disney+ and ESPN+.

Is it Safe to Use a Free VPN to Unblock Hulu in Thailand?

Can I use a free VPN to watch Hulu Thailand? No. Free VPNs are not safe and we don’t recommend you use them to stream Hulu in Thailand. VPNs should be paid tools and anyone who offers us these services for free is meddling with your cyber security.

Free VPNs are full of security issues and streaming lags. The cost you save on streaming with a free VPN is what you make up by handing your data to unknown sources.

Hulu has a strong and encrypted firewall that secures its data from being streamed in geo-locked locations. A free VPN will not provide you with a strong circuit to connect to Hulu.

Thus we suggest you use a premium VPN when streaming. One such service is ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN has several highly optimized servers in the US. Along with its strong encryption security protocol you can easily bypass Hulu, thus making it possible to binge Hulu in Thailand.

Why Doesn’t my VPN Work with Hulu?

When streaming using a VPN it is common to run into lag and other similar issues. If you are trying to stream Hulu in Thailand and facing issues, worry not. Welcome the bearer of the solution to your streaming problems.

Switch Servers

While there are several US servers in the VPN app, the most common practice by users is choosing the first server in the list. When streaming using a VPN we suggest you pick a server further down the list. This ensures less traffic thus resulting in a seamless streaming experience.

Delete the Cache and Cookies

If you had access to Hulu without a VPN, chances are your original IP is saved with the streaming platform which is hindering the performance of your VPN. If this is the case, the easiest solution is to clear your cache and cookies.

IP and DNS Leakage

Your VPN can be performing poorly thus resulting in the leakage of your IP address to Hulu. Check with the free service and it will instantly inform you if your IP is being leaked by your VPN. In this case, we suggest you switch to a premium and secure VPN like ExpressVPN.

IPv6 Leak Protection is Essential

An IPv6 ensures that your connection stays clear of any leaks. These can be information or IP leaks.

Contact VPN Support

If none of the suggested solutions seem to work for you it’s time you ask for professional help. Contact your VPN support. Though you should know that you will only have access to this feature if you have subscribed to a premium VPN. We suggest you choose ExpressVPN.

How to Subscribe to Hulu in Thailand with a Non-US Payment Method?

When subscribing to Hulu, you will have to pay for the platform before you can stream. Hulu is a USbased streaming service that is geo-locked everywhere else. In that case, if you want to pay for the streaming service, you will also need to select a US-based payment method.

Method #1: Use a Gift Card to Pay for Hulu in Thailand

  1. Choose a VPN that has highly optimized servers in the US. We suggest you get ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN app on your streaming device.
  3. Now, connect to a server in the US.
  4. Open the MyGiftCardSupply website and choose a Hulu gift card.
  5. Once chosen, you can now pay for the gift card by using your credit card or PayPal account.
  6. Once you have received a code via email, navigate to the Hulu website and then to the Hulu gift card redeeming page.
  7. Enter the coupon code you have received.
  8. When done, click on Redeem and set up your profile by entering a US Zip Code.
  9. Congratulations, you have now acquired a Hulu account in Thailand, that you can now use to stream.

Method #2: Use a Virtual Credit Card to Pay for Hulu in Thailand

If you don’t want to get a Hulu account by using a Gift Card, one other way is by choosing a Virtual credit card. Here are the steps to get Hulu in Thailand.

  • Open the state’s pay website and sign up for an account.
  • Pay the registration fee for the new account which is ฿ 502.90.
  • Add money to your virtual account through your Paypal account.
  • Now, get ExpressVPN and access Hulu.
  • You can now use your virtual card and pay for your Hulu in Thailand.
  • Enjoy streaming Hulu in Thailand.

Method #3: Ask a Friend or Family Member Residing in the US to Pay for Hulu in Thailand

If you have a friend or a relative in the US, they can purchase the Hulu account you want. Let us show you how.

  • Get ExpressVPN and download the app.
  • Login and connect to a server in the US.
  • Navigate to the Hulu site and sign up for an account.
  • Select your package and register.
  • In the blank section, enter the financial information of your friend/relative’s card.
  • Submit the application and start streaming Hulu in Thailand.

Compatible Devices with Hulu in Thailand

How can you Download Hulu App on Android in Thailand?

To get the Hulu application on your Android device, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Join a high-quality VPN. ExpressVPN is compatible with all Android devices. Additionally, it provides excellent unblocking features, and that is exactly why we highly suggest you choose it.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your device.
  3. Connect to a US server.
  4. Go to the Google website and put your login information.
  5. Get the Hulu app from the Play Store.
  6. Use Google Pay to sign up for the streaming services.
  7. You can now access Hulu in Thailand on all your Android devices.

How can I Download Hulu App on iOS devices in Thailand?

To get Hulu in Thailand on all your iOS devices, here are the steps to follow.

  1. Get a subscription to a premium VPN, we suggest ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the app on your device.
  3. Now, connect to an optimized server in the US.
  4. Go to the app store and download the Hulu application to your iOS device.
  5. Install the application and create your account.
  6. You are now all set to watch Hulu in Thailand.

What to Watch on Hulu in Thailand?

Wondering what you can watch on Hulu? The major reason behind the popularity of Hulu is the endless and extensive library of shows and movies. Along with that, it is also home to some of the best and globally known Hulu original shows.

Let’s take a look at some of the content you can watch on Hulu and Hulu Live. From Comedy Central to ESPN, Hulu Live TV broadcasts everything, MTV, discovery, and Nick Toon, Science, Teen Nick, Destination America, and more.

Best TV Shows on Hulu in Thailand

Once you have access to Hulu, here are some shows you can enjoy on Hulu in Thailand:

  • Under the Banner of Heaven
  • The Bisexual
  • The Golden Girls
  • This Fool
  • Mike
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • The sisters
  • Killing Eve
  • Kindred
  • Fleishman is in Trouble
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Dollface
  • God Forbid: The Sex Scandal that Brought Down a Dynasty
  • The Dropout
  • Pam and Tommy
  • How I Met your Father

Best Movies on Hulu in Thailand

Here are some popular movies to binge-watch when you get Hulu in Thailand

  • Fire Island
  • Flee
  • Cast Away
  • Crimes of the Future
  • I, Tonya
  • I’m Your Man
  • The Hate you Give
  • Passport to Paris
  • The French Dispatch
  • Notting Hill
  • GameStopped
  • The 40 Year Old
  • Office Space
  • The Relative World
  • School Spirit
  • All that We Destroy
  • The Forgiven

FAQs on Hulu in Thailand

Does Hulu work in Thailand?

No. Sad to acknowledge, Hulu does not work in Thailand. Though you can make it work by using ExpressVPN because it will hide your IP address stealthily.

Is it legal to watch Hulu in Thailand with a VPN?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN to stream Hulu in Thailand.

Can you watch Hulu in Thailand with a free VPN?

No, we don’t recommend you use a free VPN to stream Hulu in Thailand as they are not safe.

When is Hulu coming to Thailand?

As of now, we are not sure if Hulu is coming to Thailand or not. Meanwhile, you can stream it using ExpressVPN.

Can I get Hulu in Thailand without a VPN?

No. You can not get Hulu in Thailand without a VPN as Hulu is geo-locked outside the USA.

Why is VPN not working with Hulu?

If your VPN is not working with Hulu, these are easy fixes you can try:

  • Clear your cache and cookies
  • Switch to another server in the list
  • Check for IP leaks
  • Use an incognito server
  • Contact your VPN customer care

Can I stream Hulu for Free in Thailand?

No, you can not watch Hulu for free in Thailand.

Why can’t I watch Hulu in Thailand?

You can not watch Hulu in Thailand because Hulu is geo-restricted outside the US. However, if you use a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can stream it easily.

In Which Countries is Hulu Available?

Hulu is only available in the US and Japan, if you want to stream it in Thailand, you will need a subscription to ExpressVPN.

What is the Zip Code for Hulu in Thailand?

You can google any US-based Zip Code to get Hulu in Thailand. One such is 90210.

Why is Hulu not working in Thailand?

Hulu is not working in Thailand because it is bound by license agreements and copyright infringements to distribute its content outside of the US and Japan. Thus if you try to access it you will see a geo-restricted notification due to which Hulu is not working in Thailand.


When wanting to stream Hulu in Thailand, the first thing to keep in mind is to select your VPN wisely. A good VPN will ensure a seamless and good streaming session while a free or low-grade VPN will work accordingly.

We vouch for the premium and top-notch services of ExpressVPN when wanting to enjoy your favorite shows and movies on Hulu in Thailand. With lightning-speed surfing, high encryption of information, and privacy, ExpressVPN is our major choice from the lot. Get it now and avail 3-month free trial along with a guaranteed money-back claim and no hidden cancellation terms.

Subscribe now and start binging the best thriller shows, comedy movies, and of course, the chart of enjoyable Hulu originals on Hulu in Thailand.

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